Timber product knowledge and studies

CATG offers wide range of product knowledge and studies workshops


The workshops can be offered over two-hours, half-day, one-day, two-day or combined into five-day workshops.


The workshops can be taken individually or combined to provide a certificated and progressional learning programme.


Our workshops are for all sales staff regardless of their age and length of service. This level is used by existing customers for:



Experienced sales staff

New recruits




The workshops are very practical and sales focused.


All content can be tailored to your exact needs and products.


Each workshop ends with a test and after each workshop, branch managers and training managers will receive feedback on their delegates’ performance.


The potential two-hour, half-day and one-day workshops we offer include:



Carcassing timber

Joinery timber

Panel products


Joinery products

Engineered timber products

Trussed rafters and engineered joists

Timber frame buildings


Flooring products

Decking products

Fencing products

Joinery products


Ironmongery products

Builders’ metalwork

Visual strength grading of softwoods, hardwoods, scaffold boards and tile battens

Handling customer problems with timber


Heavyside building products

Bricks and blocks


Cements and additives

Drainage products

Plasters and plasterboard

Roofing products

Builders’ metalwork

Block paving

Insulation products

Block and beam floors


Ligthside products

Plumbing products

Waste pipe and fittings

Soil pipe and fittings

Rainwater goods

Drainage products

Heating systems and products



Locks, latches and hinges

Decorating products

Electrical products

Sealants and adhesives

Tile and accessories

Fixings, nails and screws

Laminate and engineered flooring



Each workshop covers:

Your range

What and how your customers use the products

Meeting customer expectations and needs

The grades, types, finishes, treatments, sizes, profiles you offer

Offering alternative products

Estimating products

Potential add-on-sales

End test on the products


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