Application for Certification and Examination


CATG welcomes all applications.


CATG operates in an impartial, open, fair, non-discriminatory manner and welcomes application from individuals and companies throughout the UK and the world regardless of their:

Type of business

Size of business

Number of current or past certificates they hold


Membership of other certification schemes


We will respect and maintain your confidentiality and personal details.


Before applying for certification or an examination, you should have obtained a copy of the relevant standard/s in order to:

Ensure you have the right standard for you

Prepare your application to CATG

Determine your scope


And have reviewed:

Your processes and controls

Products, goods and services you wish to offer

Your reliance on subcontractors

Who will undertake the management of the scheme for you


For examination you should have completed a training programme or confident of your or your staff’s competence.

If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact CATG on 0044 (0)1524 400632 or 0044 (0)7941 536543.


To apply for certification, please complete our application form or email CATG or call on the telephone numbers above.

Our application form and contract lists in detail what you are required to submit with your application in order for it to be processed without delay.


Upon receipt of your application, our certification manager will allocate an auditor or examiner to you.

Our certification manager will contact you after studying your application form and we will send you an estimate for the certification work.

If you need any guidance or not happy with our service,  please contact our team.


For an audit

Pre-assessment visit

For audits CATG normally recommends a pre-assessment, scoping or stage one visit by your auditor.

This visit addresses the scope of certification you have requested and will normally last between 1 to 4 days depending on your organisation’s size and the complexity of your processes.

It is designed to confirm your readiness for full, main or stage two assessment. Through the assessment the auditor will tour your operations and review your:

Site or sites


Process/es controls


Scheme objectives

Top management commitment

Scheme documents

Scheme records

Staff competence and understanding of their roles and responsibilities

Calibration of measuring and testing equipment

Release of products and services to your customers

Understanding of the scheme

Internal audits and management review

You will receive a full report following this assessment outlining the areas to be developed.


Main assessment visit

Following your pre-assessment audit and when you feel ready, the main or stage two audit will be conducted by your auditor. Payment for the stage one must have been received by CATG.

Through the main assessment the auditor will tour your operations and review your:


Process/es controls

Conformity of your scheme against the standards

Success towards scheme objectives

Performance monitoring and measuring

Meeting of scheme, regulatory and compliance obligations

Scheme documents

Scheme records

Staff competence and understanding of their roles and responsibilities

Internal audits and management review

The length of the main assessment or stage two will depend upon the scope of certification requested. Again, the certification manager or your auditor will provide you with a quotation for the work involved.

Prior to the visit, you will receive an audit plan, which provides a proposed timetable for the work and areas to be assessed.

Following your audit, you will receive a written report. If successful, certification will be awarded.

Possible outcomes of a certification decision, depending on the scheme, include:

Unconditional certification or certification – the audit found no discrepancies

Reduced certification and/or scope – changes in production or products

Conditional certification – the evaluation found discrepancies which do not prevent the issue of a certificate, but which do need to be rectified prior to the first surveillance audit

Pre-conditional certification – the evaluation found major discrepancies under which a certificate cannot be issued without substantial remedial actions and an overall re-evaluation of the applicant’s procedures and activities

Mandatory findings – findings must be corrected for certification to be given or continued

Qualified approval for ISPM15 - 3 months to correct the findings

Unsatisfactory – a complete main audit within one month

Generally satisfactory – given 2 weeks to correct the issues

Any improvement actions identified against certification requirements will be notified to you in writing during or immediately following the assessment visit.

You will then be asked to advise CATG on how you intend to address them. Once the improvement actions have been implemented to the satisfaction of CATG and full payment, you will be granted certification.


For examination

For an examination for:

Water sampling

Softwood grading

Temperate hardwood grading

Tropical hardwood grading

Tile batten grading

Scaffold board grading

CATG recommends that you or your staff complete a training programme or fully assess your competence.

The examination objectives are to assess:




Candidates for their examination will normally have  :

Completed a formal training course

Been fully trained by in-company processors

The examination can range between 4 hours and one day depending on the scheme.

Following the examination, you will review your examination results.

Your company and staff will need to register with CATG or another certification/notified body to run the chosen scheme.


Maintenance of certification

Your certification or staff competence will be confirmed on a six-monthly, annual or 18 month basis by surveillance audits, with a full re-assessment or re-certification every three, four of five years depending on your certification scheme.

When certificated you are required to:

Comply with the scheme requirements

Inform CATG of any changes that can affect your certification

Make all necessary arrangements for CATG to conduct your audits, including provision for examining documentation and access to all processes and areas, records and personnel for the purposes of initial certification, surveillance, recertification and resolution of complaints

Make provisions, where applicable, to accommodate the presence of observers


CATG will inform you of any changes to the scheme/s.


Your surveillance audits will review your:

Internal audits

Management reviews

Complaints from others

Non-conformities identified at previous audits

Effectiveness of your scheme and objectives and controls


Use of the scheme marks, logos, trademarks and reference to certification


Your re-certification audits will review your:

Past performance and audits

Internal audits

Management reviews

Complaints from others

Non-conformities identified at previous audits

Effectiveness of your scheme and objectives and controls and your commitment to developing your scheme


Use of the scheme marks, logos, trademarks and reference to certification


Extending your scope of certification

You may extend your scope of certification at any time, but costs can be minimised if
extensions are assessed as part of the on-going surveillance programme. You are advised to submit any application for extension to scope at least three months before your annual visit is due to ensure it can be included in the assessment (where on site assessment is required).

An additional fee for an extension to scope will be charged where extra assessor or
administration time is involved.

To submit a request for an extension to scope please contact CATG or call on the numbers above.


Suspension and withdrawing or reducing your certification

You can leave your CATG scheme at any time. We require a written confirmation that you wish to leave the scheme certification.

We will also require you to confirm that you will cease to make any certification claims and cease to use the scheme logos, marks, trademarks, stamps and remove any products that make certification claims.


What is the cost of certification?

Please contact CATG for our current fees. Along with details of the documents, standards and publications we offer.

Our fees include all costs – travel, accommodation and certification. There are no extras.

Some scheme owners - FSC®, PEFC, GiB, Timcon – will levy you a fee for participation in their scheme.

Some scheme owners - FSC®, PEFC, GiB, Timcon – require you to make formal claims on the products you sell and have strict rules on the use of their name, trademark and logos. CATG is required to check these before you use them.

Some scheme owners - FSC®, GiB, Timcon – will, when full payment has been received, issue you with a certificate.

For grading operations, a stamp, mark or end band will be needed to demonstrate the product conformity. CATG is required to check these before you use them.


Not happy with our approach?

If at any time, you are not happy with our approach please contact our team. We will respond positively.

CATG operates with a Board of Governors and you may, at any time, contact them.


Global Service, Local Values:

CATG operate certification and grading services in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Chile
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Russia
  • UAE
  • Ukraine

Vacancies & Recruitment Opportunities

Opportunities for auditors

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