Private water sampling workshops and examinations

DWI certification of persons scheme for sampling private water supplies training workshop and examination are starting. Download our scheme guide.

CATG is now running private water sampling training workshops and examinations.


The DWI scheme

The private water sampler certification scheme has been set up to provide a framework to ensure that monitoring of private water supplies is compliant with The Private Supplies (England) Regulations 2016, The Private Water Supplies (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 and The Private Water Supplies (Wales) Regulations 2017.

This states that each private water sampler must ensure that each sample is:

Taken by a person able to demonstrate compliance with any of EN ISO/IEC 17024, EN ISO/EIC 17025, or another equivalent standard accepted at international level
Representative of the water at the sampling point at the time of sampling
Not contaminated in the course of being taken
Kept at such a temperature and in such condition as will secure that there is no material change in what is to be measured, and analysed without delay by a competent person using suitable equipment within 24 hours at the receiving laboratory, unless the specified method states otherwise


How the CATG DWI private water sampling scheme works

The DWI scheme is based over a three-year certification cycle and this requires the water sampler to:

Undergo training – CATG are an approved training body
Take a written and practical water sampling examination
Complete an on-site audit18 months after the examination
Complete a re-certification examination 36 months

The certification cycle is ongoing.


Our workshop and examinations

The CATG training and examination is combined to provide a two-day programme.

Training takes place on day one and the examination on day two.


Our venues

CATG will be running open training workshops and examinations at venues throughout England and Wales and these will be open to all private water samplers. The cost for this option is:

£495 + VAT per candidate

This cost includes training, lunches, refreshments, examination, certification and issue of a national registration water sampling card.

CATG will offer organisations with many water samplers an in-house training workshop and examination at their venue, if this is suitable to CATG. The cost for this option is:

£1995 + VAT (£399 per water sampler)

This cost includes training for up to 5 employed samplers, examination, certification and issue of a national registration water sampling card. Additional samplers (up to 9) are charged at £199 + VAT.


On-site 18-month audit

After 18 months an audit of the certified individual is required at least two premises. The audit will include, but not be limited to the following:

Competence checks on the certified individual
Checks on paperwork associated with the scheme
Any training undertaken in the last 18 months by the certified individual
Whether the certified individual has appropriate equipment in good order and fit for use
Correct labelling, transportation and storage of samples
Procedures for, and frequency of review of local and laboratory manuals
Does the certified individual have a current copy of the required manuals and procedures
Is the certified individual following the procedure set out in their manuals and procedures
Is the sample round planned
Are building owners greeted in a professional manner and kept informed through the water sample
Is the certified individual collecting samples in the correct order
What are the general hygienic conditions of the certified individuals sampling equipment
What are the general condition and layout of the certified individual’s vehicle
Are disinfectant sprays and wipes within their recommended use by date
Are sample bottles stored in the certified individual’s vehicle in date
What are the sample bottle storage arrangements in the certified individual’s vehicle
Where are sample bottles stored? Are regular checks carried out on them? Are they recorded correctly and appropriately
What facilities does the certified individual use for washing and cleaning whilst on a sampling round
What temperature checks are carried out when samples are in transit
Is the storage temperature kept within an appropriate range
If the certified individual uses a cool box, what state is it in and how is an appropriate temperature maintained
If no cool box or fridge is in use, how are samples transported and in what conditions
What are the transport arrangements to the laboratory or drop off point
Where does the certified individual place the bottles and kit during sampling – is it hygienically acceptable
How does the certified individual record and report anomalies and concerns that may affect the result, or public health

The current cost for the assessment is:

£369 + VAT per candidate

This cost includes the audit (including travel and accommodation costs for the assessor), the report and issue of a new certificate and national registration water sampling card.


On-site 36-month re-certification

After 3 years a re-certification is required. The re-certification will include:

A written examination
On-site water sampling assessments at least two premises

The written examination will normally take place before the on-site water sampling assessment. The written examination consists of 24 questions, 2 from each of the components of the syllabus issued by the DWI.

The on-site water sampling will be observed at least two premises.

The current cost for the re-certification is:

£ 385 + VAT per candidate

This cost includes the assessment (including travel and accommodation costs for the assessor), the report and issue of a new certificate and national registration water sampling card.


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